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It’s personal. It’s you. You’re an individual.  Yeah, it’s personal.  And I take that literally when it comes to you and me regarding your desired fitness goals.  I take the time to get to know you.  You are investing in your health for a better you. It may take me a week or two to complete your assessment, but that is how I can create the best plan for you.  I do not just sit down and say “here, try this”.  That’s not what you want and that’s not why people hire me.  Your body is very unique and you need an exercise plan to fit you.  Call or text me today to get your three days of free personal training. These slots fill up fast! Call/text today – 614.286.9726.

Charlene - still going strong!

I also believe in having fun while I train.  Oh no… No boring stuff! No, not for me or you!  I make the time spent with you as enjoyable as possible.   I love to laugh and laughter is good for the soul!  So we will laugh and train together!

Don’t have a gym?  No worries! Come to my studio on 3095 E. 14th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio…or,  I can go to where you are ($25 additional travel fee per session).  Be it a school, your office or your home – I am not that limited to where I can go!  Like I said – it’s personal.  It’s for you!

Availability of personal training times will vary.  Call me today to schedule your free day (1/2 hour session) of personal training.


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Two days per week.  $35 for 1/2 hour session.



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