Pastor Fit Program

Pastor Fit Program

Greetings in the Matchless Name of Jesus!


Body By Sid is LOOKING FOR 8 PASTORS  for this exclusive Pastor Fit Program!

This fitness program was featured in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper.
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This is a 4 Week fitness challenge/program (God’s program) for Pastors of any church who want to shed fat/inches and start getting MORE healthy and lining their bodies up with the Word of God.


The 8 pastors will meet with me Tuesday and Thursday @ 9am – 9:35am, for 4 weeks.


Pastors are already spiritually fit, what about physically fit? Get fitness assessment, weigh-ins, customized meal planning and much more in return! God wants us to be prosperous and healthy (3 John 1:2).


Pastors have helped me and a countless number of others in our spiritual walk, now it’s my turn to pay it forward by helping you. Pastors need to be in good physical shape to preach the Word.


The workout will consist of resistance training, cardio, stretching and prayer!


The only requirement is that you be a pastor of a church (or share this information with a pastor) and be willing to share your  experience to your congregation as a way to help them not only get spiritually fit, but physically fit as well.  It starts from the head.

The Cost?  FREE !


I assure you that there is nothing in the Columbus, Ohio area like this! You will be part of an exclusive group. Come and start the process of being a fit and healthy examples for the brothers and sisters of God! And, uhm, that means for 4 weeks (hopefully longer) you will have to forgo Mother Jenkins’ homemade pound cake, and Sister Merriweathers great southern fried chicken! You will learn what foods to eat! Eat right!   


Call me for details! 614-286-9726. Only 8 for right now! The session will be closed when the pastors have completed registration and have come to the studio to meet with me.


I am hoping to hear from you and other pastors soon for registration. (If you know of a pastor that may be interested, please share this info!).

I love what I do and I am looking forward to sharing my God-given gift of exercise with you!


Have a very blessed day!

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Please consult with your doctor before starting this or any fitness program