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Young at Heart

 Young At Heart

Are you over 65, a baby boomer or from the “older” generation and think you’re too old to exercise?  Well, you’re never too old to exercise!   You, too, can become an active older adult (AOA) with this senior fitness program.

Learn balance techniques to prevent injury, falling  as well as strength training to improve your activities of daily living. As we age, having good balance and strength is important as it eases activities of daily life as you go about your day.

This low impact class is for you if you are de-conditioned and want to start working those muscles and give them some “life”!

Get physically active; stay healthy-at any age. This is a 4-day per week senior fitness program.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11:20am – 11:55am.

Investment Cost: $48 per month


*subject to change

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